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Top 10 NCAA Tournament Games of All-Time

There are many great games in college basketball. These games do not disappoint the fans. These top 10 NCAA games of all time were exciting to watch down to the last minute.

10. Indiana vs. Syracuse 1987

This game featured two of the coaches with the most wins facing off against each other. Bob Knight was with Indiana and Jim Boeheim was the coach leading Syracuse. Both of the teams were able to pick up a number of rebounds and score points. Keith Smart for Indiana made one of the best jump shots in the history of the game leading his team to victory.

9. Kansas vs. Memphis 2008

This game was exciting down to the last couple of seconds in overtime. The Most Valuable Player, Derrick Rose lead Kansas to victory but it was not an easy match. With the miss of a free throw the game went into overtime. With just 2.1 seconds left on the clock Kansas made a shot and was able to get their first victory in a title game in the past 20 years.

8.North Carolina vs. Georgetown 1982

This was a very close game. North Carolina won the game just by one point. Freshman Patrick Ewing was able to help Georgetown to an early lead. While he had a great game the team from North Carolina was not going to give up and they made a great pass to win the game.

7. Duke vs. UNLV 1991

While Duke ended up finishing just ahead of UNLV it was a close game. UNLV was able to rack up the points early. Duke was not about to give up and came back to win the game.

6. Villanova vs. Georgetwon 1985

The Best East had both teams that made it to the championship. While Villanova was an eighth seeded team the players were able to make 79% of their shots. This allowed them to come out ahead of the famed Georgetown and take the win.

5. NC States vs Houston 1983

NC State turned this game into a half court match. They were able to keep Houston from scoring and took the lead. Houston came back in the second part and NC did have a little trouble completing their shots. Whittenburg for NC was able to make a shot from 25 feet and with the assistance of Lorenzo Charles the ball went in allowing the team to win the game.

4. North Carolina vs Kansas 1957

North Carolina pulled ahead for the victory but only by one point. Due to a foul by Kansas, Joe Quigg was able to make some free throws and assisted by Kearns was able to make the winning basket with only a couple of seconds left in the game.

3. Loyola Chicago vs Cincinnati 1963

Chicago was able to get the victory after a long and hard game. This game was tense to begin with as the Civil Rights movement was happening during this time. Mississippi State was supposed to play in this game but the law stated that they could not play against a team with African American players. These teams put race aside and played a great game of basketball that went into overtime with Chicago coming out just ahead.

2. NC State vs UCLA 1974

NC State took the victory in overtime. A missed free throw cost UCLA the game. NC State was able to answer this miss with a three point shot for the win.

1. Duke vs. Kentucky 1992

This was a high scoring game. Duke scored 104 while Kentucky scored 103 after going into overtime. Players were scoring several points and the game was exciting until the last final shot that gave Duke the victory.

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